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KIM features a transparent organization, social bodies with precise powers and independent bodies with a control function.

All Shareholders, the seven members of the Board of Directors, the Statutory Auditors and the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, as well as the volunteers involved in various activities, provide their services free of charge.

The internal team, consisting of six professionals, is regularly and stably employed.



Paolo Cespa
Responsible for the Administration 

Bernadette Guarrera
Vice President
Training Area Responsible 

Silvia D’Annibale
Projects Area Responsible 

Jean FE BI
Cooperation Area Responsible

Livia Fiorentino
Communication Area Responsible 

Francesco Giordano
Events Area Responsible 

Maurizio Girometti
Fundraising Responsible 



Salvatore Rimmaudo
Accomodation Center Coordinator
+ Training Area 

Corrado Roda
Accomodation Center 

Antonietta Caruso
General Services

Elena Stefanini
Administration, Cooperation, Legal Affairs 

Raffaella Caroni
Projects, Events, Fundraising  

Laura Bibi Palatini
Press Office and Communication 


Associazione KIM fulfils its mission thanks to donations, fundraising activities and the sponsorship of individual projects by both public and private bodies.

It operates through realistic and measurable projects and goals, of which it gives account – yearly – through the publication of the Mission Statement and the Financial Statements.


Bilancio Economico (Financial Statement) 2017 (In Italian)

Bilancio di Missione (Mission Statement) 2016 (In Italian)

Bilancio Economico (Financial Statement) 2016 (In Italian)