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Share your party with us!

The Solidarity Favors are handcrafted creations of “La Bottega di KIM” and its Sewing and Ceramics workshops.

Choose your favourite model, for a wedding, a graduation party, a holy communion…or for your special occasion. There are many: all handmade, unique and original.

You can order your wedding favors by making a donation. All donations will serve to support the activities of Associazione KIM.

If you prefer the cardboard or fabric favors made by our Sewing workshop, please contact Maddalena Piselli (tel. +39 3333048198).

For ceramic favors, made by the workshop KIM KreArt, kindly contact Bernadette Guarrera (tel. +39 3334213754)

Contact us in advance so that we will have time to make your favors!

The Sewing workshop and the Ceramics workshop produce many other workshop produce many other items!

The Sewing workshop: needle, thread….and much, much more!

KIM’s Sewing workshop is an intercultural workshop where women from different parts of the world, often contribute with a rich manufacturing tradition.
A way to feel not only helped but to help too: indeed, all the funds collected serve to support the Association’s activities.

In addition to the Solidarity favors, the workshop produces many items:
for the kitchen (dish holders, oven covers, tablecloths, aprons, towels, potholders, bag dispenser…)
for the bathroom (towels, toilet paper holders, peg bags…)
for the house (valet trays, doorstops, remote control holders…)
for you (bags or handbags)
and for your children (changing table, nappy stacker, embroidered outfits, funny puppets)

The Ceramics workshop: adults and children with their hands… in dough!

Learn an art, develop creativity and attention, spend a carefree moment, tell your story, share your passions, play with the earth and with colours…all this is possible at the KIM KreArt Ceramics Workshop of “La Bottega di Kim”.

The Ceramics Workshop is devised to involve both the mothers and children of KIM. And when the small ceramists grow, under the guidance of expert volunteers, beautiful creations are made!

With a donation you can have your original creation and support the activities of Associazione KIM to protect children.