Do you have or do you know a sick child?

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If you know a child who needs treatment you can get in touch with Associazione KIM:

by writing to: or by calling +39 06 66410517. Remember that KIM welcomes foreign or Italian minors needing emergency healthcare, accompanied by their mother or – however – by an adult who can assist them during their stay in Rome.

If the child is located abroad:

  1. Contact Associazione KIM by writing an email to the address indicating the child’s name, age, illness and Country of origin.
  2. If you have the medical documents, attach them and make sure that any medical records are legible: KIM and the reference doctors will need these documents to make the health evaluation and to eventually confirm the possibility to intervene/provide treatment.
  3. In the event of a positive response you will need a certificate issued by a medical practitioner, indicating the disease of the child and the fact that it cannot be cured in the country where the minor resides.
  4. Also make sure that the child has a valid passport.
  5. You can also contact Associazione KIM for information on how to submit the application for an entry visa for Italy for medical treatment. If any steps are unclear or you wish to receive further information contact us at or call +39 06 66514479. Finally, remember that, in Italy, you may require the support of a cultural mediator.

If the child is already in Italy:

Do you need further specialist medical consultation?
Are you looking for accommodation during treatment in Rome?
Or do you have any doubts about the residence permits for medical care, the health insurance card or other bureaucratic or legal issues?

Contact us at and or call +39 06 66514479.