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KIM’s commitment alongside young children

Since 1997 Associazione KIM Onlus (the non-profit Association KIM onlus) has been providing shelter, protection and hospitalisation, free of charge, to Italian or foreign minors who are seriously ill, who live in conditions of economic and social hardship, often coming from countries at war or from countries without adequate healthcare facilities. It follows the minor, accompanied by the mother, during the whole process: from the request for help to legally enter Italy if a foreigner, up to contacts with hospitals, and hosts and supports the family nucleus in its reception centre.

In order to ensure an increasingly effective response to the growing health emergency of children, Associazione KIM is increasingly undertaking action to cooperate in their Countries of origin.

The commitment of the Association also extends to awareness raising activities and the dissemination of a culture of integration, solidarity and volunteer work.

History of KIM

Associazione KIM was founded more than 20 years ago by the “wonderful madness” of a small group of friends who, after an experience in Albania, devastated by civil war, decided to do something for the weakest link in a long chain of injustices: sick children.

Thus KIM was born, and it was named after the main character of one of the most renowned stories of Rudyard Kipling, able to take control of his life despite any difficulty, thanks to his courage and the solidarity of many friends.

The Association is characterized by a strong, shared commitment to closely support those who suffer, with the vision of a society that is able to do full justice to sick children and their families. Throughout the years it has grown, hosting children from over 60 countries around the world, to become a point of reference in the national landscape for the right of the youngest to healthcare.

KIM’s friends

Many entities regularly collaborate with KIM: hospitals and institutions, international organizations and NGOs, foundations, associations, companies, as well as many friends, artists and professionals.

By virtue of its long-standing experience and of its strong belief in the effectiveness of networking, KIM took an active role in the creation of the  Guariamoli network and the PIPIDA Coordination Forum for the rights of the Child.

KIM is a voluntary association and is enrolled in the National Registry of non-profit organisations (Onlus).

Nowadays, about 70 people devote their time, heart and muscle power to help mothers and children. Engaged in numerous activities, selected together with the Association team on the basis of personal inclinations and time availability, they are an essential resource in every area: from hospital care to leisure activities, from the school of Italian up to the maintenance of spaces.


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