Health Emergency Response

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Associatione KIM was established to provide a tangible response to the health emergency of severely ill children who need a timely intervention.

  1. Requests for help

    Requests for help come both directly by private individuals in difficulty (word of mouth, phone, e-mail, Facebook) and through institutions or third party contacts.
    Our channels include: Italian Embassies; International Agencies such as the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees); Doctors and healthcare professionals abroad; the association Sanità Militare Italiana; Missionaries, volunteers, operators located in foreign countries; Associations, Bodies, Non-governmental organizations (including the Guariamoli network).

    Geographical areas of origin of children: Italy, the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia.

  2. The health evaluation and the quotation

    Associazione KIM requests the medical documentation and establishes contact with the Health Administration of one of the reference hospitals in Rome. If the hospital deems it can provide treatment, it is then possible to advance to the next steps. It is necessary that KIM ensures, at the same time, coverage of healthcare costs and advances 30% of the budgeted amount.

  3. The entry procedures

    KIM submits the hospital statement to the Italian Embassy in the Country of origin requesting the issuing of a medical treatment visa for entry into Italy. It also provides its support to organize the trip.

The child and his/her mother can leave