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«I remember well the night before our departure. I was preparing our suitcases and I was thinking of my daughter and of my husband that I was leaving for the first time. Where was I going? How would Italy look like?»

«At the residential home meeting and exchanging experiences with other mothers and with other cultures has become a daily experience and has taught me so much».

Lindita, Albania.

A small world:

The atmosphere at the reception centre is homely and multicultural and everyone contributes to the common daily needs: from taking care of the kitchen to housekeeping.

Every woman is responsible for her own child, but the staff and volunteers work together, to assist mothers and children and to provide opportunities for exchange and discussion. The above, in the knowledge that supporting the adult at such a painful and delicate time is of vital importance for a positive evolution of the disease of the child.

Therefore the Association provides several services:

  • Support to mothers
  • Legal and bureaucratic assistance and support
  • Linguistic-cultural mediation
  • Recreational activities for adults and children
  • The creative ceramics and sewing workshops of “La Bottega di KIM”
  • Italian language courses for adults
  • Italian courses and educational activities for children
  • Support to the parent during the child’s hospitalisation
  • Night-time care
  • Transport: transfers to and from hospitals, airports/stations, and other places where necessary