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Corporate Volunteering

Special thanks to the employees of the IGT-Lottomatica group that, on Saturday May 12th, gave our guests a fun day of games and laughter. The group also worked non-stop at the KIM home and in the garden!

Many companies spend time volunteering at KIM. It is a way to support the Association, and also a training opportunity for the working team to grow and to bring a welcoming reality to those living in a different environment. It is done with great satisfaction on both sides… as some IGT-Lottomatica employees wrote at the end of this adventure:

“We ask you to thank all of the children we met for the smiles they gave us throughout the day we spent together and to hug them all, strongly, from us. Here we add some reflections that occurred spontaneously and that seemed nice to share. Here they are:

“All of you have a chest, a box, and inside there is a treasure. Your job is to open the chest, discover the treasure, develop it, give it to others and receive from others the treasure they offer. Each one of us has a treasure inside. If we keep it there, closed up, it will stay there. If we share it with others, the treasure will multiply with the treasures that come from others. What I want to ask of you is that you do not hide the treasure that each of you has.” (Pope Francis)

“It was an unforgettable day that opened my heart, a lesson of life in the truest sense of the word.”
“It began as a volunteer day and magically turned into a learning experience where I received a wonderful gift. In fact, I have learned that certain emotions, one ‘s that we do not talk about with ease, still exist somewhere in the heart, and through opportunities, such as this, we are given the chance to bring thoughts, emotions, and sensations into the right proportions.

I learned that courage, altruism, and perseverance lead to a contagious sene of serenity and re-appropriation of one ‘s emotions.
Thanks for everything.”

To find out more about this possibility, visit the “Companies” page.